Friday, February 24, 2012

some happenings and favorites for your friday..

i took a little mini vacation this week from thee' ol' blog..
i got a great nights sleep last night and sprung up bright and early this morning..
nobody is up yet..
just me, you and a hot cup of joe..
i have not been online much this week..
i have been taking a break to get outside, go for a run.. i volunteered at the little ones school and i had a few great lunch/coffee dates with friends and although it was in the back of my mind that i needed to blog..
you always come back a bit refreshed after a small break..

 it is no secret i am obsessed with all things french.. wine, fashion, their culture, the language..
 not so much food.. {unless cheese and bread counts.. then yes. for sure.} 
i recently bought this book and am extremely intrigued..

 i spotted this photo of olivia at london fashion week.. as usual olivia is spot on..
man, she is fabulous..

speaking of pinterest.. this is a photo from my blog that has been trending over there.. it is my yearly mothers day breakfast in bed the girls and damian "surprise me" with every year.... i snapped a photo and posted it on the blog..  i recently came across it on pinterest.. 
it made me feel so special..

 this is a scanned photo i took in a cafe in paris in 2000..
this little lady stole my heart..
she was so fabulous..
i have this photo framed in my home..

i just ordered a ton of my iphone photos from postal pix.. have you heard of it? it's a free ap and it makes it SO easy to get your iphone pix printed! so amazing..
here is a photo of hermes in new york.. a family trip to palm springs.. a horse in julian..

 speaking of photos..
i did a 30 day photos challenge last year and it was so hard but looking back at the photos.. i am SO glad i did it..
this one was titled "laundry"..
my enemy..
if you do one.. please let me know so i can follow you..

happy friday my friends..

credit: olivia  

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