Monday, July 23, 2012

one thing..

about 10 years ago.. i woke up in my sweathearts arms.. i told him i love him so much.. we had talked about getting married eventually.. but we were young and money for buying the ring was of course, an issue.. i remember this one particular morning, i said i didn't care about the ring.. buy me a silver band and let's do this! :) we had a fun day planned this day.. we were going to the getty museum.. i was excited he was showing interest in a museum.. i mean, it was not his "cup of tea" to be perfectly honest.. we hiked through the large grounds.. admiring the beautiful views, breathtaking art and gigantic buildings.. he sort of rushed me through some exhibits and i started getting a bit annoyed.. i mean.. you can't come to a museum to just rush through the lovely art.. we had just moved from san diego to los angeles so damian could go to film school at ucla and see if it was a career worth trying.. this was our first day "out on the town".. we climbed these stairs that went for days into the sky it seemed.. we got to the very top with a spectacular view..and i'll never forget.. as he hugged me from behind his heart pounded like crazy.. he says to me.." look at this view.. it is like our life.. the ocean representing san diego, our past {little did we know we would be hightailing it back to san diego aka paradise just a year later}..and our future which is la and the city.. he turned me around and said i just love you so much.. 
{whhhaaatt.. a but?} there is one thing i would change if i could.. {whhhat?}..
 he got down on one knee and said "your last name.." 
he pulls out my beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him..
it was sooo amazing and i love to think back to that day and the story.. i was so so so shocked and so giddy!! i had no idea my sweet guy was shoving cash under our mattress forever to save for my ring.
so that is how my sweetheart asked me nearly 10 years ago..
to be his wife..
 this is us 10 years ago..
 a trip to costa rica..

and this is us now.. 

 so.. he did change that one thing.. my last name..
and there has not been any other requests..


ali said...

This is so sweet! It's clear you two adore each other!

Jess @ Sparrow + Sea said...

I love a wonderful-sparkly-tingly love story like this! It must have meant so much to you that he had been planning and saving and scheming for so long! He sounds like a special one... Here's to ten more years!

Raluca | WhatWouldGwynethDo said...

Aw, so damn cute!!

Kalista said...

I got some serious love chills reading that amazing story. So sweet!! Thanks for sharing :)

fawn christiansen of sequins and candy photography said...

thanks ladies for commenting and such kind words! you have no idea how excited i get to hear your thoughts! it means the world! xo